Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of S-TEEL TECHNICS B.V. are valued for every cooperation between S-TEEL TECHNICS B.V. and professional dealers (below mentioned as the Customer) related to restoring/selling of motorparts. S-TEEL TECHNICS B.V. (below mentioned as the Company) always has the right to check the Customers information that their actions are professional. That’s why the Customer always has to follow these conditions:



  • Confirmation of your order

    1. Once you complete your order by clicking the ‘Place Order’ button, your confirmation has been confirmed by us and is invariable and final.
    2. Upon the acceptance of the final offer you are deemed to have read our sales conditions
    3. If an ordered product is out of stock, the order can not be completely canceled. At this time, the customer is not entitled to compensation.
    4. For each order below € 150,00 (BE,NL,FR,GE,AU,DK,UK) and below € 250,00 (ES,IT,IE,PT,FI,GR) an additional transaction fee / shipping fee may be charged, subject to orders through the Company's web platform.
    5. When ordering a product that is out of stock, a backorder will always be made, which may be requested and consulted by the Customer at any time.
  • Pricing

    1. All listed selling prices always include taxes and excluding trading and shipping costs. Taxes or VAT are deducted only under statutory provisions.
    2. All visible prices are always outgoing and calculated from the current exchange rate.
    3. These prices can change without notice behold of the fault of fluctuations in exchange rates or price increases from suppliers. The invoiced price will always be the one in the registration of the order.
  • Payments

    1. Invoices are payable in various ways; By bank transfer, cash or with an accepted payment card. Any other method of payment must be approved by the Company and then the customer must re-approve the terms and conditions.
    2. The Company can not in any way take responsibility for a payment that has been made using information that belongs to the customer.
    3. If there is an agreement to pay afterwards, it is agreed that if not fulfilled by the Customer, it can ever be legally claimed by the Company.
    4. In any non-payment of an invoice or order can lead to the suspension to make further orders. Also, any non-payment can lead to additional charges on top of the invoice amount.
    5. Payments which are not received within the due date of the invoice can be settled by law to an interest rate.
  • Delivery

    1. Each delivery gets checked by the Company which carrier is best for the customer and will continue to be designated by the Company.
    2. Our products that are shipped are always picked up by the carrier. So, if any damage is noted upon receipt of the goods, the Customer must lodge a complaint with the carrier.
    3. Delivery dates are always estimated on the date of receiving the order and can always change due to unforeseen circumstances. If delivery is delayed without regard to the Company, It can not cancel the sale in any way. Unless the Company knows about it and informs the Customer of the situation, a new delivery date will be imposed. This without requiring a compensation. Only a fee can be expected when: - In case of unforeseen circumstances in production. - In case of force majeure regarding the delivery (weather conditions, strike, accident) - In case the information about unforeseen circumstances would not have reached us in time.
    4. If the delivery is refused without reason, the Company may require a fee.
  • Returns

    1. With every purchase of a product is assumed that it has been ordered with certainty and knowledge. So, not every product can be returned.
    2. Any return must be submitted in writing and approved by the Company. This is only allowed after 14 business days from delivery.
  • Complaints

    1. Complaints must always be sent in writing. This why the company can always check where any error was committed.
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